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These athletes represent the best in terms of courage, determination and perseverance.

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The Men’s Circuit wants Canada to be the best country for strongman athletes.

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In Canada, Strongman as a professional sport is at a turning point. There is a new generation of athletes looking for opportunities to reach their goals and grow into professional athletes on a international level. The Strongman Circuit’s mission is to provide Canadian athletes a chance to compete on a regular basis, to open doors at the international level and to develop therofessional women’s league and Masters division.


The Strongman Circuit was founded in 2014 by Mike Saunders, a former professional strongman. Mike Saunders ranked consistantly in the canadian strongmen top 5 between 2009 and 2012, obtaining a title in 2012 in the province of Quebec. In 2013, he won the World Strongest Master Championships in Ireland. Mike is a family man. He has two passions : his 3 children and strongmen. “My goal is to create a profesionnal circuit that will give athletes the opportunity to compete consistantly in all regions of Canada and to put Canada back on the map on an international level. Canada has had some of the top strength athletes in the world, but for the last 5 years, there has been a lot less action on that level for Canada… I promise this will change! ” He wishes that, in the future, the Circuit will become a positive reference for all athletes, men and women, and will give an authentic image of Canadian athletes on a international level.

Management Team

JF Caron

Yanick Normandin
Arbitre en chef

Dominique Lessard
Responsable du pointage

Samuel Daigle
Responsable de l’équipe technique