To become a pro athlete in Canada

he Strongman Circuit’s mission is to provide Canadian athletes a chance to compete on a regular basis, to open doors at the international level and to develop therofessional women’s league and Masters division.

You must qualify in your provincial Championship

Number of Participants per province

  • 4 participants from Ontario
    • 3 from Provincials
    • 1 from cumulative scorecard
  • 5 participants from Quebec
    • 3 from Provincials
    • 2 from cumulative scorecard
  • 3 participants from Western Canada
  • 1-2 participants from Eastern Canada (to be confirmed)

If an athlete has qualifies for Worlds Strongest Man and the Provincial Qualification is on the same date that athlete will get a free pass to the Nationals of that year.

The winner of the National Championship automatically qualified for the next year National.


  • Qualify by finishing in the top 2 in the Supoer Heavy Weight at ACAFA/CAASA National Championship.
  • Qualify by finishing the 1st position in the Heavy Weight Division at ACAFA/CAASA National Championship.
You must have signed The Strongman Circuit Contract form

All Pro athletes must have signed The Strongman Circuit Contract form indicating that they cannot compete in any competition lower Pro status.

You must treat all teammates with respect

All athletes must treat all teammates will respect, Pro status can be revoked for repetitive lack of respect toward athletes, and refered to the management.

Participation to Warwick Strongman Festival

Top 4 athletes from the Canadian Championship will advance automatically to Warwick Strongman Festival.

Participation to Arnold Classics Competition

All Pro athletes cannot compete at the Amateur Arnold Classics.

Dress code

All athletes are expected to wear The Strongman Circuit clothing provided to them to each event.